CIF Mixtape (Tha Bottle & Tha Sandwich)

by C.I.F.

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released March 7, 2010

Executive Produced by Cevon
Cover designed by Dotor



all rights reserved


Canibus-Infinity Saen Suk, Thailand

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Track Name: C.I.F. Anthem(Passion & Dj Kru)
(Welcome . . .
This is the story for all of you boys and girls . . .)

It all started on the canibus-central dot com /
Before I started to rap, before I could drop bombs /
of individual lyrical new shit, I used to /
hit the site every night for all the Canibus exclusives /

Then Poet Laureate Infinity came out /
and transformed the mixing board into a playgorund /
Mix after mix, they couldnt get the right fix /
and I honestly thought it was quite sick /

How they would chop the bars /
to form lines like the constellations that interlock stars /
Even Canibus shouted them out for their hard work /
from thousands of mixes and Rip the Jacker artwork /

As time decayed like waves on the beach /
So did canibus-central and all the ways it used to be /
Almost everybody sought to fight /
It mustve been the virus when ihiphop bought the site /

I saw the light and it came right from XPreNN /
He is the man with the microphones best friend /
And thus, he made us a site that we could trust /
where people wouldnt hate or diss Can-I-Bus /

Select invitations were sent /
To the ones who would rather build instead of break the fence /
and raise, not drop the unity /
Ones who would truely represent the Hip-Hop community /

- Part II -


I always stay focused the longest, I promise /
I can battle any artist till they just get exhausted and forfeit /
With actual supernatural forces, Im a HRSM4N from Hell /
Immune to the garlic water and the crosses /



Its the mothafucking Lyrical Assassin /
Faster than neurotransmissions reacting across your synapses /
to the receptors of cells where acetylcholine, norephinephrine /
seretonin and the fucking dopamine is captured /

Fuck with me, You bound to catch disaster /
Fuck with us, You bound to see your life flash /
right before your eyes and experience exactly what comes after /
Why battle a species born for slaughter like the cattle in the pasture? /

Shining till you have no eyes left /
Cause when you cant (C /see) and definite (site/sight) can only be /
A "What IF", Get it? If not /
You lazy boy like one-ninety-nine and another nine next /

Dont even talk trash to get rowdy /
Ill leave your head wrapped like Ferdowsi /
and Ill respond with twice as much as you said /
HA. HA. Kickin verses for EWS /

Im the best, 24 (Cevon/7) you creep /
Never call my one-hundred and sixty eight hours (weak/week) /
Im coming with Tits McGee, Tranquil Beast /
JVLN FNGS, MetaJake, Th3 R1PP3R and Omni3 /

When I rip you with Purity, An Intellectual Athlete /
DJ Kru and Karma Infinite steady blasting beats /
Presto, Lets Flow! /
3rd Hoax and Jaye Lowell told us to Lets Go! /

Pushing the threshold, never stall /
Man, If you scared to take a shot, tell me how can you (BaaL/ball)
Yea, eighty-eight percent nocturnal (Noctoural88) /
At night time, Im bringing Dante and his inferno /

To burn you, Ignite rhymes /
Shan 51 mixin the polar caps of Soltron and Cygon /
Knowledge God represents K.G. /
The initials of the nakme that my precious mother gave me /

I live Hip-Hop, Rip Rock, The block flip-flops /
Graduated from the shout out to the spitbizzox /
The clock tick-tocks against those who must hate /
Restards, Takes you sixty minutes just to register /

A sixty second update, you cupcakes who fuck apes /
How can your eyes see Hip-Hop if they trust (mace/Ma$e)? /
Just thought I would spray that fact /
This is Mortal Kombat for anybody trying to AJAX Chat /

Thinking that your bars stack high? /
You couldnt start an "Enterprise" with a Startrek Guide /
A record aint a record till its Akashic /
Signature imagery like LORD ZERO with the graphix you bastard /

Representing C-I-F /
Yeah, Representing C-I-F /
Troubles what Im known to be /
The most hated since my girl double O, B E (OOBE) /
Track Name: Ripper Mania(XPreNN)
CIF, where the myriad of jackers meet death
All the rippers rip 'em to shreds
Ask for respect, be my guest
you are primitive when assessing a threat
your best bet is finding a tall building and jumping off the top ledge
Number 1 = XPreNN Number 1 = you hearing this Together, we can separate lyrical fitness from the wilderness
The cunning lyrics are stunning, you better be running, when the rippers are coming, gunning on the final day of judgement
It's too late, there is no escape, you have sealed your fate
Lightening bolts striking meteors as they fall from the sky
and with strange aeons, even death may die
the philosophic maverick, the massive knowledge magnet
throwing books at each other is where I get my magic
everyday we are the Rippers, everyday we are the leaders
everyday we keep fighting everyday we are the fearless
you get cut off when we say 'FUCK OFF' bearded men, I'm one of them, had enough of your tough talk
400 mph bricks through your skull picking apart your brain like the hungry seagulls
drafting a new you from the drawings on the wall
I sit down and revive the Sphinx for you all
everybody move out, no doubt, there must have been alternative routes
from the gutter you hear me call names out, it's played out
as we walk over the horizon with rhymes of all styles signal verbal X-rays emanating from your mind
cubism, rhythm, grammar and composition the current industry gossip
and limp feelings of man locked in prison
my team and I change the future, zero you in from the past
I thank the sons of bitches for bearing us green grass
they say we're "divided" I say we're "small-minded" right after I said it I moved to a small island
Track Name: I Will Triumph(Dj KI)












13 I made mad mistakes - im far from perfect/

14 If theres a SENTENCE for my action...yes, i served it/

15 Now a days - everybody thinks there critics/

16 But funny how they dont grab the mic - to spit shit/

17 By definition a freedom fighters a terrorist/

18 spit so sick - j cole will seek a therapist/

19 a microphone fiend says fucka 16/

20 spit Pristine lyrics FOR history to hear it/



23 U Dont think this is ill ?- Listen to how i worded it/

24 what happened to dat beat !? oh yeah i murdered it !!/
Track Name: Destruction Mirage(Layzie1999 & H8N)
Destruction Mirage-Layzie1999

Listen to the rhymes, the rhymes equal Pi/
If I had a piece of the pie, I could buy Dubai/
You wanna stand there and talk?/
A blast wave gon' tear more than your roof off, nigga come on!/
In a newly ordered world living in shit/
No matter how good or poor your english is/
Pray for the families that want them home/
Pray for the families abroad that have lost their homes/
The overseer of poetic aniquity/
The Victorian Album Museum kept 'em for me/
A stationery pulley drawing from a wishing well/
The genie gave me three more because I listen well/
The multiplex meshing multiple message is too much for me/
Truly, there is too much to see/
Observe the man, with the Microsoft strand/
Or 5th or 6th cuz way more advanced/



Next time we meet this whole song will be a new mix/
For all the rippers out there who need a new fix/
A word to the wise, try to keep your eyes in the skies/
And try to keep your ears on my rhymes/
With theses lyrics, I consecrate the spirit/
Whenever I spit it, concentrate you can hear it/
A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time/
And space within it, the hours become minutes/
The minutes become infinite lyrics, Poet Laureate/
Spit from the spirit, from the Sirius Star system/
The gross over simplification of a Jamaican/
In a basement tracing over diagrams for a tape deck/
I am energy, I am HE spiritually and mentally/
The fools who threw away my jewels offended me/
I don't care if I make history/
I wanna be a part of Infinity...Infinity...


Can-I-Bus AKA Rip the Jacker

and all my rippers over at
Track Name: Broken TimeLine(Ferdowsi & LB Productions)
I got bored small thousand treasure Professors truer ripper,
every letter is recorded once To explore more for era,
protests hooks, by god, 2012 bars were not positive,
by a prophet sunstone, I’M ONE OF THEM,
Started with a trumpet, drive forward,
Climb aboard the chopper, eyes water,
Skull is a submarine hull,
dolphin below baals tanks, I call,
painting of CTHULHU on the wall,
My mind ARE World underneath yours,
deep by the doors to the vortex,
Half of my form, HERE, SCREAM, before you force,
Inspired produces the HIGH, the universe Times 3,
33 3 times, spit your rhymes,
Don’t be red or white Can-I-Bus,
Talk about it I’m buying, Rhymes want respect
Children of zion TRUTH when you apply it,
Start naked art of rhyming, miracle, time perfectly, SURELY,
Take shelter salvage viable style to take action
Vocation Blackened Pot Work,
DnA tell it to Canibus
Cause I attack general you’ve made,
Case 98 Laureate To your Computer,
No Time’s my New Shit That Never Ends,
Ask him for help next......that sounds:
Responsible, Logical, was not an obstacle,
Glad I’m made out of school,
SHRINK from the spirit, RAY, Version is this....
STARS DIE, Eye’s the Gods, Patiently............WHY?
My body as it may seem.....MACHINE,
Pass the data stream, GOD OF D.R.E.A.M’S,
Just wait they say it’s storyboard scenes,
Killing you with green phrases is descending to the weed vapour,
To dazes, mazes......phase.......inside the Devils DaTa,
In eyes piece of the pie, Moon Rays buy Dubai,
Oh Lord To Born has learned Tough Talk,
One ought not to think rhyming now Rumsfeld would JUST TALK,
Take Mushroom Walk, THE COLDNESS OF HELL,
BUT, I hope Sun Not Alone, pulling me like perennial purpose,
Circle, Celebrate, the text smoking purple,
Rap Music is sometimes too sensitive perspective,
Impressive to the expert when you Omnibus,
They feared puncture point organ, they don’t activate SWORDZMAN,
The same Was to Reside so I pretend when I’m talking TOUGH,
From a very cold place spin it, Or pace way, SPUN,
Effects me to prove, Sold me out thats why I’m Busting,
I turn the page, Pinch ya leg, they said, make amends,
Inch from being dead Friends, Girlfriends Jealous Again,
Really Dead Canibus Living in my head,
This sacred Electro Mag Fire & Forget,
Fly Trap, Listen, Squid got me GOD
For the Mars Equals Tie Eyes, All Cult Divides,
The Crimes make rhymes court redefine verse,
Therefore Brewing Hot Wave Bars And Rhymes........TIME
One heart kept pumping sold me out I love it, Quite Something,
Populace would I pursue revenge, Boom Terms of Slaves,
X-Rays Because your name DON’T BURN THAT WAY,
Shift the Sun shit MC, From the FREAK, wild Fire,
Then building Doctrine of Spit, The Whole Universe Shrink,
I’m lost, The God’s Tells me there’s Mozart Vote To the Stars,
Putting together til he watched Unknown Art,
Passed the Class but it won’t last in a world a MAGNIFICENT can’t Pass,
You said You Got Bars CHIIIIIIIIIILD, EARTHQUAKE........
ALL BLOODLINE BRETHERINE, rhymes in my mind,
In my water supply, Bleed, Said, You feel like Grab the Pen,
Like Being DEAD, Friends jealous again,
CANIBUS, You really Rap When I write,
Images change Bis, SCARECROW GRIN,
Probably DEAD, with the BEST here to save Famous Bars of the Sphinx,
At the top I am in the minority of One,
THE SUN still thousand bar Patriot,
Did it for my Fathers was designed,
Induce the rhymes, when I fire the Skies designs, FLY,
Close your eyes, just aimless brains outside the matrix,
Knock out and hate every point FUCK ALL THE HATERS!!!!!
Dotors response was CRUSHED, Trust like we designate, ONE,
To a spaceship, transformed 3 more,
Know what I felt, FELT WELL!!
I can move about freely behind thyself SHIELD,
Valley of Writing with Heaven is like getting
MY DREAM TEAM until I build my MACHINE,
Clergy men Murder personally for my Work With Me,
Try to Clone yo’ Theory, GIANT Battle BRUCE LEE,
The spit in my sleep ready, physically,
it happens with every girl that i meet.....ANY;
Will have clawed the MASTER,
Using X-Ray of Germaine Father, Grandson, Rip The Jacker,
Most of you will NEVER understand what I mean,
My D.R.E.A.M’s Are BROKEN into StoryBoard Scenes!
Track Name: CIF Symphony(Presto & LB Productions)

I know this pill is a bitch to swallow/
When I point the pistol, niggaz switch they pitch to pizzicato/
While you're talking about your bitches, your whips, chips and movados/
I'm gripping the 5th, flipping the wickedest scripts spewing novels/
Oh, it's you? No not again, same dude/
Who said he was chilling with eleven dimes, but only had a dollar ten/(Get it?)
Fuck slinging rocks on your block and your twat hustler/
Stay brolic like ox knuckles, I'll rock your muzzle with a hot shovel/
Half of you niggaz are going down like the Rock's muscles/
Spitting in sign language, Def Jam like Keller-Simmons-Helen-Russell/
Steady fellow shipping with stellar women, embellishing all my elegant rhythm/
I grip in the clip when I rumble with niggaz, nobody better move a muscle/
Fuck tomorrow nigga worry about today/(Word)
Clear out the room like Sean Kingston at a buffet/
Mad drama like Common I'm the truth, chilling with Osama rhyming in the booth/
On the mic I blow more spots than the Islamic youth/
Track Name: CIF Horseman(H8N)
CIF Horsemen - Mixed by H8n

(H8n Infinity)


From a former era dating back to forever
The warrior became protector
Speaking in Tongues’
Finger trigger the drum kit
A lone shark circles me
Instead of trying to murder me
It tried to flirt with me
I got away nervously
Talked about it purposefully
Next time I see it its gonna have a word with me
I guess it wasn't meant to be
Under an assumed identity i resume side ops
on the enemy
This lyrical pyramid was discovered by accident
I know I can build it fast
if I block and tackle it
Most of you will never understand what i mean
my dreams are broken into story board scenes
gravity traps me
still allowing me to circle the M51 galaxy
Rap for me reduces the stress dramatically
Negative time produces antigravity
Hip Hop Made me
Hip Hop Praised me
Ain't nothing changed me since 1980
involuntary catalepsy battle me baby
there was no contingency plan give to me
tell a motherfucker send his transcripts to me
swear your allegiance the tuition is free
to be a mini me version with minor abilities
from the kinetic to the energetic
to the magnet ultra electro and uncensored
corruption is necessary
but tell me who the beneficiary
which one of us will sing hail mary
which one of us will sing hail mary
(h8n infinity)
which one of us will sing hail mary
rhymes compartmentalize sepratize
to prevent bootleg pirates
a lucifarian web
every color in America bled
this is imperial evidence
of the greatest collection of Canibus
you'll never reach the end of it
fire and forget
rhyme for respect
i didn't get that so i wrote poet laureate
the spin off from the press
should be able to feed you
but I decline
because I’m familiar with what greed can do

[Pharoahe Monch]

Yo yo
The sheer fuckin assemblin of these fo' niggas
rekindling war
Seek the Horsemen, we walk the planet Earth on all
Cause your empire to Fall like the season before
Don't get beside yourself like clone twins in the
Assassinate the mayor through time-travel
The assignment: to reduce all molecules and pass
through solid confinement
The only way you could Flooowww *slows down*
isss iiiff
I liquidize your rhyme
Consequently blowin by me crystalizin your mind
The government assigned sentinals for Horsemen
Claimin we were mutants of artificial insemenation
Lost my limbs to bomb shrapnel
But through cell regeneration the blood accelerates
at twice the speed
Peep the vindication indeed
Think tank full when you blink, think syncronicity
Rob three banks at the same time through
Multiplicity shine
PLEASE!!! these four niggas combine alone
Bringin a nation of MC's to their knees wit ease
Seige a soldier and hold men for ransom
Stop prcreation, chop they cocks off so they
can't come
Block off a forty mile radius, bomb you fanbase
Seeds to abnormally born and scorn wit a man's face
Indeed watch the moon bleed, we lead by example
Loop my life in time, stretch it in a nine like
a sample

We rock quadropeds(Horsemen, enforce men)
Chop off your fuckin head (We the Horsemen,
enforce men)
Leace you all dead then we eat your car-cus
(The Horsemen) I'm a horseman(enforce men)
I'm a Horseman (The Horsemen)
I'm a Horseman (The Forcemen)
Track Name: Microphone(Passion)
Too many bodies with no heart /
So many portraits and landscapes but no art /
Im straight vexed, The sith lord /
with an "Order 66" for any clique that hates next /

I hate stress, fake niggas that say "yes" /
and rapping around you little pricks like Latex /
Gay press, Record industries handing you pay checks /
Fuck that, Im grinding from the bottom to the apex /

Label execs raping their artists like betrayed sex /
As if the direction was alright when it strayed left /
After my every breath is a paid debt /
To hold that Mic, I shed blood and break sweat /

Running from life wont escape death /
but Im selling Hip-Hop a lot more knowin that Ill make less /
I place threats like I play chess /
Flawless, and ahead of you by two-hundred great steps /

I think faster, my visual lyrical scenes /
outlast your digital screen captures /
Im giving you the original re-mastered /
Critical dreams? Cynical syllables see past it /

Too many actions dont follow what those preach /
So many rappers can see the stars, but wont reach /
This definitely destiny preciously /
pleasuring next to me, Yes it is extacy /

I see the ingredients of my lifes recipe /
reckoning ingenius weaponry restlessly /
Immediate energy streaming excessively /
Exceeding previous measurings of heating intensity /

Is leading the tedious legacy, seeded impressively /
Essentially the devious reason Im speaking impeccably /
Too many suns, not enough planets /
So many sitting on their ass cause they cant stand it /

You cant deny the shine of pro status /
Its the color of light, Everybody (knows/nose) white like coke addicts /
Aint a rapper want to fight with this /
Cause Im the fucking reason why life on the Mic exists /

Imma rip this track that flips back /
Like a gifted spaz that hits crack /
In the pitch black blinding the environment with rap /
You probably think its a question when Im saying its (Witch/which) craft /

Too many tell lies like they hide secrets /
Too many people make a promise when they cant keep it /
You had no choice, I was asked to live /
Now I can actualize your dreams with an adjective /


I trained just to master this /
What do you know about twelve hours of practicing? /
Battling the conditions without stopping /
Losing oxygen to the point you knock yourself out unconscious /

Then waking up back for more, its what I practice for /
Hip-Hop will never see my passion fall /
(Nah) I promise it, court is now in session /
So before you can say my name, you have to put "Your Honor" in /

Im bringing the best of rhythms, the lyricism of Judge Dread /
In my backyard Ill leave a mothafucking thug dead /
Crushed head by the power tools, Ill devour dude /
Just to give you a new meaning of (bloodshed/blood shed) /

Not to mention Im a true nerd /
Expanding my vocab would call for the invention of new words /
Superb developent of the skill /
in utilizing entire english dictionaries at will /

mentally, Technically Im sicker than any enemy /
this century recieving neural therapy electrically /
Im flipping the fastes felony lyrics across this melody /
and wiping out every memory by the use of telepathy /

Defeat the odds when my rhymes flow /
I could spit a verse that'll turn every African, Albhino /
Bars Im reciting for free /
Yetis got an entire cave dedicated to the sightings of me /

So picture that in progress /
Man, I body (rap/wrap) like the mummification process /
Prospects streamed from a higher conscious /
Alligned to my mind designed by extraterrestrial concepts /

Thus, Im complex /
Centered in the convexive content written in context /
So respect, I demand to have it /
I worked hard to achieve everything that you were handed fagget /

Im all of what you shouldve been /
Im Rocky Balboa after Adrian advocated he "Couldnt win" /
Through the tears, Through the fear, Through the suffering /
Victorious in the fifteenth round against the Russian /

"No Pain, No Gain", Im goin the distance /
This very instance to prove my visions can make the globe change /
To the Golden Age of Hip-Hop again /
And with nothing to lose, I can only opt to win /

My hearts in this, Nobody can stop this shit /
Im dropping the exact opposite of the Apocalpse /
I could eat a bowl of Alpha-Bits /
and shit out harder lyrics than what you niggas have got to spit /

The voice of the primetime, from the East Coast /
with Joey, Joelle, and Royce Da 5'9" /
Monster with the (Inc/Ink), Mike & Sully knows this /
I even get respect in the West where everybody backs "Crooked" like /

Scoliosis, spitting atrocious, devotions /
to getting ugly when the brain in my skully is focused /
For one-hundred bar verses,
While everybody sleeps, Im at the drawing board working /

They wonder why? Well, youd understand /
if you were the only dog "Reading Rainbow"s like LeVar Burton /
Since you believe "What goes up must come down" /
Explain to me why Im in fucking outerspace floating around /
Track Name: C.I.F. D.R.E.A.M.(BaaL & Lord Zero)

Man you gotta bigup all the pioneers and all the artists
All of them, because there’s, you can say like a sense of community
Among HipHop patrons, people who listen to HipHop music
And celebrate the culture of HipHop
Globally too you know, every continent on the planet that love HipHop
It was meant to grow and not create a monster out of it
That is so rampant and ran on such a race
That it’s startin to eat the people that made it
Like, we made those records

[Verse 1 – chopped]

The PLOOzart came back with some new shit
Canibus Infinity Forums exclusive
There’s no way for the haters to stop this movement
We still producin the illest music, the whole crew’s sick
No matter if it’s a PLOO mix or a fat beat
An exKRUsive or some rap heat
The art we made together will remain forever
Let me show love to some of the greatest members
Layzie is crazy (definitely)
Presto got the best flow (in the galaxy)
DJ KI commands the power of a global player
Knowledge God and HRH slay layers
Damn Bis, I still can’t understand this
See you can have these bars your way like a sandwich
And in fact CIF is so bright like Mr. Proper
A word to the jackers: you better get to the chopper!

[Verse 2 – timeline]

I passed up the jacker, peace to the future Passion
Democracy rules everything, the microphone
Pass the datastream along to my team, wait until I build my dream
Worm green elevators designed to put me into dazes
Then a volcano crater, stupid devil’s chamber!
That is not dead which can eternally lie
And in Ripperland, every jacker may die
The leaders lie; why?; God; signed, my loyalty was redefined
Had a heart and mind allowed to see the rhymes
I think I had about enough of your tough talk
I master 100 bars before you can just talk
No biting allowed, a beautiful place, don’t run
Paradise to me, dog, answer the heart
You wanna stand there and talk?
Thoughts manifest words, actions and reality, 51 is not fantasy
Rap in front of me, Poetic in back of me

[Verse 3 – timeline couplets]

Next time we should meet somewhere, keep senses
But right now for all the rippers layered underneath lyrics
My poetry is HipHop, aggressive but regal
Progressive to dc I hope, for real though
Rap supply approached, Cevon going underground
To find a sideways eight in a vacuum of space
I dictate a scribe from one mind, Zero shines
To cre8 Canibus rhymes, bars and mind
Involuntary catalepsy, wake up, I’m still alive
Rip the Jacker spittin inside a wormhole, init
Commander of step-in, innovative mobility
Dante and Meta see that rap facility
This is a success in HipHop, designing a new style of box
X continue, see to HipHop
If work equals X tired of swimming against the tide
Time they notice a difference… you’re out!


Everything is cool
Everybody need to come together and do records together
You got a family at home that you’re takin care of
And loved ones that’s ridin for you that wanna see you do your thing
That’s your dream
And they got the same thing at home on the other side of the fence with them
So we gotta start puttin together
How we’re more alike than we’re different
And start to make that reflect in our music